About Myself

I'm Tyler, a software engineer in Plano, TX. But you can call me Jesuszilla. I've worked with MUGEN for over 15 years and my passion has taken me to my current career path!

My biggest interest and hobby is, unsurprisingly, programming. I love writing code and consider it an art. Beyond MUGEN, I do a bit of everything, including mobile development, web development, and even game development! My passion is fighting games, and I contribute back from time to time by providing tools to study the data of existing fighters. I'm actually working on my own fighting game engine, Blugen, which is written in C# using the MonoGame framework.

I've created this site mainly to flex my skills in web development to show what I'm capable of doing, plus it's a lot of fun! Some elements are the basis of the Framedatabase, another project I have planned that aims to be a collaboration between the MUGEN community and the fighting game community.

I like kitties and bunnies. Felicia is my waifu and I love her very much :3! In fact, if it weren't for her, I probably would have never touched MUGEN, and I wouldn't have the awesome career I have today.


The Framedatabase is a project with a focus on capturing the data within 2D fighters. It will show damage values, hitboxes, frame data, and allow users to export the data to MUGEN's .AIR and .SFF formats, all from the web browser. I noticed that both the MUGEN community and the fighting game community want the same data, so my idea is to create a platform that allows us to collaborate contributing such data.


It's my own original fighting game engine, Blugen. It's intended to be a spiritual successor to MUGEN, with compatibility for SFFv2.0+, .AIR, and .SND. The scripting, however, will be in Lua. This is because Lua is a nice object-oriented language with many functional paradigms, which leads to good code reuse, is easy to learn, and has a long history in video game scripting. The CNS format is not very expandable and its only code reusability comes from copypasting, which is bad design, as it can lead to a lot of error duplication. Trust me, it's for the best.